There are some new bushes from Incredibly Lush

the new Lush Bush pack is filled with all new vegetation.

Add some shrubs to your virtual garden
The new Garden Bush update is here!
Check out the new version of Incredibly Lush Garden Bushes for Vue 5 and 6! This pack update has been totally redone with new textures and vegetation and it's now filled with a host of brand new Vue SolidGrowth shrubs that looks really fantastic, even way up close. There are also several new species added, including some breath-taking Japanese Maples, all for a very affordable price.
Have a look at the Garden Bush product page at Cornucopia for more details.

Note: If you already own the old version of this pack, you do not need to purchase it again. Simply go to your Cornucopia purchase list and download it once more.

Comparative of the old pack look to the new one.

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For even greener gardens!
The Ligustrum Japonicum, or Japanese Privet, makes a beautiful full shrub for the edge of the garden, in the middle of the forest or anywhere else you want it to be... lush. ;) It's a plant that's included in the new Incredibly Lush Garden Bush pack, so you'll find all the quality you have come to expect from my plants. This is the early summer blossoming version. It can be used in all personal and commercial projects. Enjoy!

You can download the Ligustrum Japonicum here.

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