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Incredibly Lush has stunning Vue vegetation!

Want it Lush?

The Incredibly Lush web pages are, above all, a showcase for my Incredibly Lush SolidGrowth™ plant packs, which are based on Vue vegetation created by e-on software. All the Vue plants seen here are sold exclusively at Cornucopia 3D, e-on's official content store.

SolidGrowth™ is the name of the vegetation generating technology invented by, e-on software, the makers of Vue. This specific flora has all sorts of attributes: Each Vue plant instance has a slightly different shape and color, so no two plants are ever the same. Sunlight is visible through the leaves much the same as in nature. Vue vegetation can be also be animated, modified in the plant editor (Botanica), used to the billions of polygons in one scene, and more!

A nice variety of SolidGrowth™ vegetation is shipped with the Vue software, and I use this as a basis for creating even more very realistic looking and high resolution plant and tree species, such as the ones described on my Products Page here.

But that's not all you'll find on this site. With a beautiful Luscious Album showing some of the best 3D art around, informative Vue vegetation Tips and Tutorials and Freebies, the entire site should be of interest to anyone who is a lover of Vue, believed to be best line of natural scenery generating programs available.

Enjoy your visit!

Here you will find a short description of Lush products currently available for purchase at the Cornucopia 3D Store.
The Luscious Album
I think you'll enjoy the gallery of works here. The creations on display are beautiful examples of how Incredibly Lush products can be used to embellish Vue images.
Tips & Tricks
This is a collection of product tips and tutorials which can help in making use of your SolidGrowth™ vegetation or the Vue Plant Editor (Botanica).
This is where to go for freebees, site link banners and all else that's downloadable!
What's new?
if you like the site and come back often, this is the place for you to go to see what new products, tutorials, or other novelties have been added.


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There are some absolutely stunning images in the Luscious Album. Have a look!

Stop by the Downloads Page often. There are freebees there!

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