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What's new at Incredibly Lush?

Here's the page to come to if you're a frequent visitor and would like to learn more about the latest news on this site. There should be information on the latest products and freebees as well as the newest tips and tutorials. I'm even considering having a contest or two, so check back often!


April 2009

There's a wee new product at Incredibly Lush to celebrate Spring. The l'il Lush Lacy meadow is now available for purchase. This little pack includes three SolidGrowth plants as well as a brand new "Lacy" eco. You'll find two versions, one for Vue 6 and one for Vue 7 at Cornucopia3D.

field of queen anne's lace

And to celebrate the retutn of Spring, I've updated my Lush Field Poppy. It's for Vue 5 and up and looks great! It's redder now, less senitive to the wind an has a beautiful new petal taxture. You can download the new poppy here.


September 2008


It's that time of the year again, when the colors start to turn and there's a cold nip in the air. To celebrate this beautiful time of the year, there's a new pack of five lovely fall shrubs at Cornucopia3D! It's on sale until October 3, as is my Autumn Tree pack. Check them out!


July 2008

A whole new pack of Bushes and a Summer Sale! July is chock full of new happenings at Incredibly Lush!

My Garden Bush Pack has been totally redone! I've taken all new texture photos, completely changed the mats and shapes of the plants AND I've added several new plants to the bunch! Click on the links below the graphic to have a detailed look at all of the plants in the pack.

If you are interested, you can find out more on the product page at Cornucopia.

This pack is update for the old pack, so if you already have my old Garden Bush pack, simply go to your purchase page and download Incredibly Lush Garden Bushes once again to get all these new plants.


I'm holding a Summer Sale at Cornucopia for the month of July with more than 30% off on several of my nicest products:

High Grasses - Western Mountain Trees -Ivy Kit - European Green Trees

Grab them while they're on sale in my Cornucopia Store.

April 2008

Lush Raindrop Ring Mats at Cornucopia for free!

Recently, while making a rainy image, I got the idea to add a raindrop ring function to a default Vue water mat and the result looked rather cool... If I do say so myself... which I do... because it does! ;) So I decided to make several raindrop ring water mats, which I sent to Cornucopia as freebees.

You'll find them in separate packs for Vue 5 and Vue 6. Enjoy!

April 2008 - Spring sale!

Hope the weather is warming up in your part of the world because here in Paris, Spring has arrived and to celebrate, Lush spring-related products are on sale until the end of April. This sale corresponds with the April Showers contest at Cornucopia3D, so if you would like to make your spring renders really lush, check out these products.

You'll get between 30% and 50% off these Lush favorites:

Grassy Places! - Underbrush - Wheat Fields
Hint of Spring - Ivy Kit - Green Trees

February 2008 - SALE!


Lush Flash: Tropical Paradise, Tropical Plants and Buccaneer Palms are on sale for the month of February!

In celebration of the 1001 Nights! Contest at Cornucopia going on at this time, several Incredibly Lush items will be on sale until February 29!

Incredibly Lush Tropical Paradise and Tropical Plants are between 25% and 30% off:

Tropical Paradise: Down from $12.00 to $8.95
Tropical Plants (Same as Tropical Paradise without EcoSystems and Atmos): Down from $9,95 to $6.95

And my Buccaneer Palms are on sale, too, at a whopping 45% discount!

Buccaneer Palms: Down from $1.75 to $0.95

January 2008

The Incredibly Lush Western Mountain Tree Pack for Vue 6 is now live!

December 2007

A new pack is on its way!

I've been working on a new pack for the last few months, the Western Mountain Tree Pack, with brand new Vue tree species from the Western United States. This pack will have several different types of conifers, including tall pines for dense forest scenes, as well as shorter trees seen in the lower planes and valleys. There will also be deciduous trees with both summer and autumn textures.

The pack is based on the Cornucopia's Scott's Pine and will only be available for the Vue 6 family of products at this time. Included in the pack are: The Western Tamarack, Douglas Fir, False Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Balsam Poplar, Quaking Aspen, Mountain Ash and Paper Birch. There will also be some bonus Snowy Trees and a Tamarack Forest Ecosystem.

The new pack should be available at the beginning of Next Year along with a cool new freebee to go with it!

October 2007 - Another SALE!

For the latest contest at Cornucopia3D, Harvest Time in Farm Country, I have asked that the below products be put on sale:

Grassy Places: Original price is $9.95, sale price: $7.95
High Grasses : Original price is $12.00, sale price: $10.00
Ivy Kit : Original Price is $12.00, sale price is $10.00
Autumn Trees: Original price is $9.95, sale price is $7.95

These prices will be in place for the duration of the contest which will close on October 31.

September 2007 - SALE!

It's the End of the Summer Sale at Cornucopia 3D and you'll find the below products $2.00 off to celebrate the coming of Autumn! This sale will continue through Sunday September 23, the date of the Autumnal Equinox, so hurry and grab these Lush Products at an exciting price!

Links open directly to my Cornucopia 3D Product Pages.

Grassy Places
High Grasses
Ivy Kit
European Green Trees
European Autumn Trees

Garden Bushes

August 2007

Wheat Fields:

It's been quite some time since I've added anything new to the Lush family of vegetation goodies, but there's now a new small pack available, Incredibly Lush Wheat Fields:

This pack has high resolution wheat plants as well as different types of flowers to make beautiful seasonal fields. Included are a lovely cornflower, a daisy and a brand new high-resolution field poppy. The pack also has a large number of different EcoSystems for all seasons.
More here.

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The Incredibly Lush News will come out every month or two, as exciting new things happen here.
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April 2007

Incredibly Lush Hint of Spring is now live!

In celebration of Spring and my new Hint of Spring pack, here are a few colorful freebees! More here...
April 2007

New Tutorial and an Upcoming Spring Pack!

It has been quite a while since I added anything new to this site. I have in the mean time, changed my OS and am now happily working on a Mac Pro but the transition, smooth as it was, completely stifled my creative energies for a while.

I have since worked on a new pack filled with springtime growth, which will hopefully be in the Cornucopia Store very soon. While working on this pack, I was very frustrated with the way my SolidGrowth Vegetation looked in the Spectral atmospheres that come with Vue 6. My blossoming trees looked very dark and drab in these atmospheres.

After a brainstorming session with Christina Bartsch, we found a workaround for the Spectral problem and I have posted a Tutorial that shows how to make your Spectral Atmospheres a bit more SolidGrowth friendly. You'll find it here.

Other than that, I thought you might like a sneak peak of the newest Lush Pack: Hint of Spring

lush hint of spring


February 2007
I've uploaded a new freebee today to add some color to your Spring scenes! More here...

January 2007


The Incredibly Lush Tropical Paradise and Tropical Plants packs are now live! To learn more about each pack, go here.

Thanks Dave, it's beautiful!!
And to go along with your Tropical packs, here's a beautiful freebee for you to download! More here...
January 2007

Happy New Year from Incredibly Lush!

2007 looks to be a promising year at Incredibly Lush! There are several projects in the works, including the updating of older packs and the creation of new ones. New tutorials and freebees will be available. I will even be adding a newsletter signup very soon so those who are interested will be the the first to know what's happening here!

The first packs of the year, the Incredibly Lush Tropical Paradise and Tropical Plants packs, will be available at Cornucopia shortly, just in time to help us out of the Winter doldrums. Included in the Tropical Paradise pack are sixteen beautiful tropical plants, four EcoSystems including, Coffee Plantation, Island Paradise, Hollywood Jungle and Mangrove. And because my plants look so cool in Vue 6 Spectral atmospheres, you'll find five of my own included also. For those who only want plants, they are available separately in the Tropical Plants pack. Now how's that for a hot surprise?

Hope you all had a splendid Holiday and happy creating in 2007!

November 2, 2006

My European Autumn Trees have been put on sale for the "Autumn in Venice" Promotion at Cornucopia 3D! Now is the time to grab them at a great price!

The Incredibly Lush Ivy Kit is now live and can be purchased at Cornucopia 3D!

A new freebee pack, Italian Kitchen Herbs, has been added to the Downloads page!


October, 2006

This month of October is pretty amazing!

There's a new pack in the works and it's almost finished!! It's for those ivy and climbing plant lovers out there. These new SolidGrowth™ plants will look fantastic on old walls and buildings!

So stay tuned for the Incredibly Lush Ivy Kit with 15 SolidGrowth™ ivy species included! All are ultra photo-realistic and just so...
Incredibly Lush!

October, 2006

Incredibly Lush High Grasses are live!


October, 2006

That's right! There's a new Incredibly Lush pack coming out soon! It's a pack of eleven different high grass species from Europe and North America. There are also a lot of different variations on these plants, such as autumn, clusters and singles so you'll have a grand total of 25 SolidGrowth™ plants in your pack!

It'll be the perfect pack for making lots of wild grassy fields, pastures, marshes and dunes!

Cool, non? ;)

September, 2006

The latest news at Incredibly Lush is that I've finally published this site!

I'd been working on it off and on for months and just couldn't get it right. In the end I did a few searches for Dreamweaver web templates and finally found one that inspired me! I changed the design a bit, added my own graphics... Suddenly everything fell into place and here we are.

There are many projects in the works for Incredibly Lush. I have a few ideas for SolidGrowth™ plant packs that will appear in the Cornucopia Store when I get around to putting them together. I'd also like to expand on this site, add to the tips and finish off a couple of tutorials, maybe get the users involved, too.

At any rate, if you want to get in touch, just pop off an e-mail or send me a PM in the Cornucopia 3D forums where I'm forum moderator. I'll be glad to hear from you! ;)

- Linda


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