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The Incredibly Lush News

I appreciate your interest in the Incredibly Lush News. I am no longer creating a newsletter at this time but you may still enjoy the tips and freebees found in the previously published versions below.

April 2009: New Product: l'il Lush Lacy Meadow, Updated Lush Poppy, Eco Tips

April 2009: Easter Edition- Updated product: Grassy Places, Eastern European easter Eggs freebee

July 2008: New Bushes - Summer Sale - Lingustrum Japonicum Freebee

April 2008: Lush Spring Sale - Old Gnarly Peach Freebee

January 2008: New Product: Western Mountain Trees, Golden Aspen Freebee, No color-variation Eco tip

September 2007: End of Summer Sale, New Product: Wheat Fields, Firethorn Freebee


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