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Cornucopia3D is having an End of Summer Sale through Sunday, September 23, and now is the time to pick up some of the Incredibly Lush all time favorites at 2 dollars off the official price! Grassy Places, Underbrush, High Grasses, Ivy Kit, European Green Trees, European Autumn Trees and Garden Bushes are on sale now, so grab them while the going's good! All articles on sale have prices in red.

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The Cornucopia3D tekkies have finally put together store owner pages so you can easily check out all the products by a specific vendor! Click where you see "Brokered for (vendor's name)" and you'll find all their products.
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Newest Product: Wheat Fields
With colorful wildflowers
Check out my newest pack, Incredibly Lush Wheat Fields! It has all you need to make beautiful cultivated wheat fields in all seasons, plus some lovely wildflowers for those weedy fields! For the eco-lovers out there, you'll find several EcoSystems included in the pack, including one with stubble for harvest renders.
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Lush Tip:
Wheat Fields, features SG plants that are very sensitive to the default wind and breeze settings found in Vue 6 atmospheres. For straight plants, disable wind and breeze in the Atmosphere editor. Move all the sliders towards the left for a mildly breezy feel.
More plant tips here...

This newsletter freebee
Here is a new garden shrub for all Incredibly Lush Newsletter subscribers, the Lush Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea)! It's available for the Vue 5 and 6 families of products and can be used in any private or commercial project.
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Custom plant creation
I have recently had several requests for very specific plants needed for botanical and architectural projects, so don't hesitate to ask if you would like some custom work done!
I can be reached at