All the latest news: Check out the new Lush Western Tree pack and cool freebees!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Here's the latest news from Incredibly Lush, the Vue Plant Place!

A new Lush tree pack at Cornucopia!

The Western Mountain Tree Pack for Vue 6, created by Linda Daireaux and Austin Lenahan, includes several brand new modified SolidGrowth tree species from the Western part North America and is now available at Cornucopia3D. This pack has different types of conifers including tall pines for dense forest scenes, as well as shorter trees seen in the lower planes and valleys. There are also several deciduous trees with both summer and autumn textures and some bonus trees with winter textures.

The pack was made in Vue 6.5, so if you have Vue 6, it might be a good idea to have one of the latest Vue 6.5 updates installed.

With beautiful bonus winter trees

Important: The pack is based on the Scott's Pine from Cornucopia3D. These Western Mountain Trees will not open in your Vue program unless you have the Scott's Pine installed on your system.


You'll find a freebee below that can only be had by reading this Newsletter. These trees are not included in the Western Mountain pack so be sure to grab them even if you intend to buy the pack. They are two Golden Aspens, in summer and autumn versions. These trees are a species, similar to the Quaking Aspen but they have more birch-like and a rich golden autumn leaf color. They have all the detail and beauty of the trees in the commercial pack, but remember, they are based on the Scot's Pine just like the commercial trees so you need to buy it if you want to use them.

Get your Lush Golden Aspen Free Vue 6 Vegetation here. (3.5 MB)

The Lush Freebee is two Golden Aspen

Tip of the month:

I have received several questions from customers asking how to stop color differences from occurring in vegetation in EcoSystems.

All the SolidGrowth plants have this variation "built in", some having more dramatic color changes than others. There is no way to switch this off, unfortunately. One work-around is to create a few vegetation instances and save the ones that have the colors you like as Vue objects (vob). 5 or 6 different plant vobs should give your EcoSystem enough variation in shape to make it look natural enough. Also, your plant vob will still keep its other Vue plant properties, and react to wind and breeze in animations.

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