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Here's the news from Incredibly Lush, the Vue plant place!
Here's the news from Incredibly Lush, the Vue Plant Place! A new Lush product is now available. Lush Poppy updated. Here are some tips for your Ecosystems!
Springtime Meadows from Incredibly Lush!

To celebrate the beautiful days of spring, I've created two small packs, one for Vue 6 and one for Vue 7 (because it has a Vue 7 specific plant). They each include three beautiful SolidGrowth plants, a realistic looking EcoSystem and a high resolution bitmap-based ground mat. The li'l Lush Lacy Meadow is now available at Cornucopia3D. Enjoy!

Go here to learn more about the pack for Vue 6
Go here to learn more about the pack for Vue 7

Updated poppy!
Lush Poppy Updated

I have updated the Lush Field Poppy for you. It's redder now, less sensitive to the wind and has a wonderful, realistic wild poppy petal texture. I think you'll like it.

You can download your new Lush Poppy here.

Here's a poppy tip:

Tip 1: One of my most important tips for EcoSystems is to switch off Wind and Breeze in the Atmosphere Editor so plants look better. Unfortunately if you do this with poppies in your render, the blossoms will lose their shapes and flatten. What I do is go to the Atmosphere Editor and instead of disabling Wind and Breeze under the Wind tab, I move all the sliders to the left (to between 1 and 3%). If you do this, your plants will all look great and your poppy blossoms won't be flat.

Flower bar

Add a few poppies to your Lush Lacies...

An idea from Walther Beck for Vue 6 and 7 programs with EcoSystem painting possibilties:

It might be fun to add a few poppies to your EcoSystems.This is very simple to do.

Once you've populated your field, close the Material Editor and press on the Paint EcoSystem Icon located in the tool bar at the top of your Vue program. Load the new Lush Poppy there. Make sure the terrain or plane with the EcoSystem is selected and, after checking the scale of your flower with a flower instance experiment or two, add several single instances of poppies in a few clusters towards the camera. (Poppies tend to grow in groups.)

This is a fun way to add extra flowers and other eco-elements to an already populated field or plane.

An image of a cow.
Sometimes Queen Anne's Lace just won't cooperate.

In the image above, I had bit of trouble getting the Queen Anne's Lace bright enough. Fiddling with the highlights didn't seem to help. The solution was to move the Luminous slider to about 20% under the Effects tab for each petal material in the Eco Material Editor.

Happy Rendering from Linda!