Spring Sale!

April Showers Contest at Cornucopia3D
Put on those galoshes!
I love walking in the rain and in case you haven't heard, they're having an April Showers Contest at Cornucopia3D until the end of April! There are some really great Lush Packs that will compliment your art works very nicely, so start working on those rainy images now! Prizes for the best creations include several vouchers for use in the Cornucopia3D Shop.

Spring is here!
Add some spring color to those renders

Hope the weather is warming up in your part of the world because here in Paris, Spring has arrived and to celebrate, Lush spring-related products are on sale until the end of April.

You'll get between 30% and 50% off these Lush favorites:

Grassy Places! - Underbrush - Wheat Fields
Hint of Spring - Ivy Kit - Green Trees


Newsletter Exclusive Freebee: In the Pink!
Lush Gnarly Peach Tree for Vue 5 and 6

To brighten up those dreary rainy days
I have a very small peach tree growing in a pot on my terrace and when it started blooming, I thought I'd make it into a very large and old gnarly tree for spring Vue gardens. So I took pictures of its blossoms, made textures and here is my little potted peach disguised as an old gnarly tree!
You can download it here. (1MB)

Peach Tree Freebee

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!