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Luscious Albums

Below you'll find links to a couple of Flash albums. One is filled with several images made by some of my friends who also happen to be among the Vue artists I admire most. The other one is my own personal gallery. The creations all include Incredibly Lush products, of course! If they didn't, they wouldn't be so luscious! :)

The albums will preload and play automatically once you open the link. While you're waiting you may like to read some of the artists' thoughts on Vue!



Luscious Album: Friends and Users
Linda's Personal Gallery


Luscious Artists and Vue
  Christina Bartsch
I've always had pictures in my mind and I've always been a very visual person. Unfortunately I'm too
untalented to draw or paint. Vue offers me a way to realize my wildest dreams even though I don't have those
artistic skills. It's so easy to use and renders so beautifully. Vue is not just a tool for me. It's like a
friend. A friend who makes me happy most of the time but drives me up the wall now and then too.

A "must have" tool for any 3D artist, Vue makes it easy to create a beautiful outdoor image in a short time. IMHO the strongest point of Vue is the realistic types and variety of vegetation. Being a part of the Vue community was also a way to meet and make a lot of wonderful friends for me, too!

One of the many wonderful features of Vue is its ability to generate realistic and multifaceted forms of vegetation.  Incredibly Lush takes full advantage of this strength and is a "must have" item in any Vue users toolbox."
I’ve always had the need to realize my imagination, through pen and pencil sketching and writing role-
playing games. Vue and Poser have helped me to take this to a much higher level, plus most importantly, it’s
fun and relaxing.
Making picture with Vue is so enjoyable and though I have a lot of hobbies, it is more addictive than anything else. I like folding stories in my work a lot, if you unfold the story when seeing my picture, it will make me very happy.
Vue is one of those programs where you never need to touch the manual. So it is fun to use and gives you
not too much headache. Not to forget that I have the impression that the Vue community is very friendly - makes it
nice to be part of, too. I did traditional 3D for a long time, including a lot of modeling. With Vue I can
do exactly these things that we all dreamt about in the old days. Outdoor images with a lot of vegetation and
moody atmospheres.




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