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Below you will find a list of Lush Favorites, sites by my closest friends and a client link exchange that's worth looking at.


These are the web sites of my closest friends, those wonderfully creative people who have inspired and encouraged me the most. A visit to their sites or galleries would be very appreciated and I think you'll enjoy what you find there... - Home of TerraPak, Vue 6 InteriorPak and all of Chipp Walters' other great products. - Philippe Bouyer's stunning animations
  Blue Griffon's Galleries - Lovely Bryce and Vue galleries
  Christina's Place - Lovely galleries and tutorials
  Crazy Over Animals - Beautiful personal gifts for animal lovers and wonderful mouse books
  Criss Digital Art - Stunning galleries of 3D art and photos
  Impworks Vue Blog - All the latest Vue news in one spot
  Kenwas - Beautiful Vue gallery at Renderosity
  LadyDove's Elite Screensavers - Pretty screensaver site
  Lin Griffin - Beautiful Vue galleries
  M_Kitchen - Stunnng Vue galleries
  Niandji's Works - Lovely galleries, mostly fantasy and sci-fi
  Polax - Beautiful gallery at Renderosity - Lovely galleries and models for Vue
  Roobol Computer Graphics - Kees Roobol's beautiful Bryce and Cinema 4D graphics
  Romanceworks - Beautiful site filled with stunning imagery, custom gifts and Poser products
  Sacada Art Gallery - Lovely Vue graphics, tutorials, forum
  SkinVue - Home of Dave Burdick's Skin Vue plugin for Vue
  Sgiathaliach - Lovely faery galleries
  Wabe - Lovely and fun gallery at Renderosity

Client Link Exchange:
Below you'll find lovely sites created by some of my clients. They are well worth the visit.
  Bitsong - Beautiful flash animations by Barbara
  The Art of Phillip Deck - Lovely Vue & Dreamweaver galleries, free desktop images, custom gifts for sale and a remarkable photo gallery by Phillip's wife.
  The Art of Vue - Lippi's new Vue forum site with a very nice gallery.




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