About SolidGrowth in default Vue 6 Spectral Atmospheres:


I have found the spectral atmospheres that come with Vue 6 to give SolidGrowth trees and plants excessively dark shadows, which can ruin the beautiful backlighting I have always appreciated in Vue specific vegetation. Thanks to a suggestion from Christina Bartsch, I have experimented with these atmospheres and have found a workaround for this in most (but unfortunately not all) of them.


This is the way a Lush Apple tree looks in the default Vue spectral atmosphere, "High Altitude". I feel the blossoms are too dark, so I will change this:


In the Atmosphere Editor (press F4) change the Lighting model from Global ambience to Standard as below.

Do not change anything in the Atmosphere Model section of the Atmosphere Editor.


Now your vegetation will look brighter!



In certain atmospheres, changing to Standard will still not have the desired effect. In the below render, which uses the Classic Day Atmosphere, the resulting ambiance is too high and the tree looks entirely too bright.



To fix this, fiddle with the Light balance and Ambient light sliders to get the desired effect. Below I have moved them from the left, more towards towards the middle.


Now the tree looks okay to me:


It is also possible to use any of the non-spectral Standard Atmospheres to get this effect. Choose any Standard atmosphere and in the Atmosphere Model part of the Atmosphere Editor, change from Standard to Spectral. You can then delete clouds layers and add spectral clouds from the Material Folder. Fiddle with the Light balance and Ambient light sliders to get the lighting effect that looks the best for your vue vegetation.

Et voila! You have a cool new Spectral atmosphere that's friendlier to your Vue plants!

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